More than twenty years ago, in the summer of 1985, a few months before returning to Israel after a long stay in Toronto, Tami Cleitman, an architect and a Ketubah artist, was asked by Dorian from "Dorian's Gallery for Judaica" to help her organize an exhibition of the newly reawakening art of the marriage Ketubah.
  Dorian was familiar with Tami's work, and that of a small number of other illustrators in North America, and thought that it would be a worthy project to organize an exhibition centered around the renewing art form; primarily to present an art form that had almost disappeared, and in addition to hopefully encourage and stimulate interest by drawing attention to this area of Judaica.
  Tami immediately accepted the challenge. For the exhibition, she organized several antique ketubot alongside several new ketubot, illustrated by a small number of artists who were active in this field at the time.
  Success was soon to follow. The exhibition received a great deal of attention and enjoyed broad coverage in the printed media and television. Tami believes that this was the opening volley which heralded a renewed interest in this ancient art form, both on the part of those who would acquire the ketubot and also on the part of additional artists, whose number has since grown.
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